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About Us – Our commitment to the environment

We feel it is important to make all the effort you can as a company to be as environmentally responsible and aware as possible. We think making even a few small changes will benefit our and your profits, and both the Channel Islands’ and worldwide environment.

Read on to see the Green benefits of using vend

  • Delivery routes and daily rounds are planned and managed using a GPS system to minimize mileage resulting in less fuel and time costs to the company and therefore helping us keep our costs to our customers down, and vehicle pollution to a minimum.
  • Coffee machines we use are packed with all the latest energy saving modes to use little electric because it’s more efficient to keep water at a constant hot temperature than to constantly be boiling kettles from cold.
  • Our plastic and paper vending cups are all recyclable, although facilities are not yet in place in the Channel Islands....watch this space!
  • Biodegradable cups which breakdown in landfill or after use are available.
  • We ourselves recycle all our waste paper and cardboard, and waste metal and plastic parts where acceptable. We even recycle most machines coming back from sites!
  • Our invoices and statements and envelopes are printed on paper produced from sustainable forests where appropriate.
  • Fair Trade, UTZ & Rainforest alliance products options are available and held in stock, all have been extensively tested by us to ensure that our commitment to quality is not compromised.
  • Fair trade branded equipment is also available, please ask for details.
  • We are doing our best to limit the damage done to the local and world climate in our own little way. We are not tree huggers, but do believe that every little helps. In many cases it makes financial sense to us as a company too, so it’s a win-win situation!