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Bottle Cooler

The FMax from Ebac is our latest fleet Watercooler that combines impeccable reliability with exceptional performance.

The FMaxfrom Ebac is our latest fleet Watercooler that combines impeccable reliability with exceptional performance - with a variety of features and available at a price that offers considerable value for money.

The Cassette WaterTrail makes perfect sanitisation easier than changing an ink cartridge in a modern printer, and you can also offer customers a Watercooler that provides them with an award-winning insulated Hot Tank which is 30 times more efficientthan ordinary coolers.

  • » Re-enforced Bottle Column Loading full bottles onto a watercooler is a frequent cause of cooler damage - which is why our FMax has a specially re-enforced column that holds bottles to ensure that unlike cheaper coolers, no damage can be caused to the cooler when new bottles are loaded.
  • » No Leak Manifold Ensures that drips from leaking bottle caps do not contaminate the water reservoir.
  • Hedgehog Spike Users occasionally place water bottles on a cooler without removing the label - which then causes the label to be pushed up into the bottle - which can be very difficult to remove. With our Hedgehog Spike (only in Ebac Watercoolers), the water label is pierced but never dislodged - this ensures that labels are never pushed up into the bottle.
  • » Temperature Combinations 3 solid metal dispense levers offering a choice of Cold, Ambient or Hot water - more choice for your customers to increase their overall water consumption.
  • » High Dispense Point Customers have easier access to water with our High Level Dispense Point - no stooping or bending is required to dispense water.
  • » Duplex Dispense Nozzle Prevents contamination - customers fingers and hands can never come into direct contact with the point of water dispense.
  • » Drip Tray Evaporation Drips from the dispense nozzle are taken to a reservoir located on the compressor at the base of the cooler - and harmlessly evaporates due to the natural heat generated by the compressor.