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Permanently plumbed to the mains water supply, the new range of FilterFlow automatic water boilers from Lincat will not only ensure you keep the hot drinks coming, they provide the finest quality filtered water for your customers and staff.

Lincat Water Boiler

Manufactured to the highest standards, FilterFlow automatic water boilers combine style, function, reliability and value for money with a pioneering new development in water boiler filtration.

A water filter is essential, not only in hard water areas to reduce problematic scale build-up, but also to remove impurities that can leave an unpleasant taste. Until now, these filters have always been plumbed in as a separate unit. This is unattractive and adds cost. FilterFlow is ingeniously different. It revolutionises water boiler design by incorporating the filter cartridge within the boiler casing.

Give your customers the taste of quality

FilterFlow boilers ensure that water is always of the highest quality. Their advanced filtration system produces a real improvement, even to beverages made with soft water, by reducing sediment and other impurities, as well as the taste and odour of chlorine. Drinks not only taste better, they look better too.

You can give your customers a visible assurance of water purity and beverage quality by affixing the branded FilterFlow badge to your water boiler. This is supplied as standard with all FilterFlow models.

  • Unique built-in filtration ensures premium water quality and reduced scale build-up
  • Reduced limescale means higher energy efficiency and lower running costs
  • Low-cost, easy-fit replacement filter cartridges
  • Lower maintenance and energy costs
  • High hourly output – ideal even in busy establishments
  • Reliable electronic control system 
  • Stylish contemporary design – ideal for front-of-house
  • Advanced diagnostics with LCD panel showing operational status